So why dogs?

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Listen - So Why Dogs?

Since the launch of the website (pat yourself on the back for the positive feedback btw), some folks have reached out and asked why I chose an animal shelter as my cause to support. Looking for another opportunity to shamelessly plug my passion project, I decided to write this blog post to go into that question in more detail. 

And by more, I mean brief, blunt, and honest.

Why dogs?

Pedaling 4 Pups - picture of clipper the dog

Well, that should about answer that question. Let's move on to a much more important question. 

Why should you support Shelter Ugolyok? 

Now, I want this site to be as fun, lighthearted, and sarcastic as the next theoretical reader, but since I am using a media platform to boast about my own accomplishments, I should probably also use it to tell you about the more meaningful and selfless acts being done right now in Ukraine. So, for the next 2-3 paragraphs, please refrain from skimming, speedreading, and sleeping. Putin might do those things, but I know you're better than that. 

Shelter Ugolyok is an animal rescue farm and sanctuary operating in different regions of Ukraine. This non-profit organization has been working nonstop since the war began trying to help families and farmers rescue animals that are being abandoned due to the military conflict. While they take in family pets like cats and dogs, they're also providing a home for livestock like cattle, pigs, and sheep for farmers who are facing bombardments on their farms and need to evacuate their animals. 

I chose Shelter Ugolyok specifically because I felt my donation would go further for this organization than it would at a larger, global rescue fund. Their Venmo and PayPal are listed on their Instagram, and the more you follow their story, the more clear it is that these individuals are selflessly giving their time and safety for the greater good.

I couldn't imagine giving up a pet, and losing your livestock is the same as losing your business. Shelter Ugolyok not only provides a safe haven for the animals of Ukraine but also hope and security to the people of the country, too. Your donation would make a direct impact on their mission and I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Mic drop. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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