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Great Divide Journey (2)

great divide bike trail - bannack state park

Days 16-19: Start Your Engines

Quick rewind. Remember that 75-mile day that ended with an awesome view of Holland Lake?

Well, on our way to camp, Clemens gave me the best compliment that I heard on the trip thus far. After tackling a taxing 5-mile hill, he called me a “machine” — because of my consistent pacing up the mountain.

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Days 7-9: The Alternate Route

Every description of the Great Divide is relatively the same. Usually something like, “an impossibly long, winding route that never takes you directly from point A to point B.” The point is to get off the main roads, onto forgotten dirt roads and trails that take you nowhere but always somewhere at the same time.

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Days 1-3: Off to a (good?) start!

A few years back, I was eating a steak dinner with my family. I love steak and am a notoriously quick eater. And, as soon as that filet mignon touched my plate I cut out a fat piece and shoved it into my mouth. It was so good, and I was craving more, but as I went for round two, my body engaged in an epic battle of man vs. food.

I was choking. First time in my life. I had literally bitten off more than I could chew.

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The crew ready for the flight!

Well, this just got real.

As I'm typing this, I'm on an airplane headed from Boston, Massachusetts to Banff, Alberta. It's about 6 hours of flying time, which gives me plenty of opportunities to second-guess myself and rethink all of the decisions I made about this trip. Sound like a fun time? Let's get into it!

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The Obligatory Great Divide Gear List

By now, I am sure I got you hooked on the Great Divide trail and you've probably read up all you can about this trip. You're probably so excited for me that you, yes you, are considering a trip like this for yourself and that curiosity has led you to read about other adventurers who have made this same journey. 

Or, y'know if this is your first time visiting this site, ignore all that and just enjoy the ride (pun intended).

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pedaling 4 pups - shelter ugolyok

So why dogs?

Since the launch of the website (pat yourself on the back for the positive feedback btw), some folks have reached out and asked why I chose an animal shelter as my cause to support. Looking for another opportunity to shamelessly plug my passion project, I decided to write this blog post to go into that question in more detail. 

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